Nourish. Move. Relax. Grow.
Literally + Figuratively

What I Do

I catalyze optimum health.

As a Naturopathic Doctor in my 10th year of clinical practice, I blend traditional methods with new research-based approaches and strive with every fibre of my being to help you reach your total health goals in the most efficient, effective, and empowering ways possible. I focus on digestion and the gut-brain connection. Through optimizing the gut-brain connection we can foster overall health and resilience that will benefit every one of us, regardless of what condition we may have. 


I am a solution-oriented, outcome-driven ‘medical detective’.

I am always looking for a better solution. I am a Naturopathic Doctor with an agile, analytical mind and an understanding of the body’s capacity for self-healing. As such, I’m equipped to help troubleshoot the chronic diseases and health problems that our current medical system, in spite of all its technological expertise and brilliant doctors, often struggles to address in a comprehensive manner.


I am part of a healthcare team.

I am honoured to be part of my patients’ healthcare team; I do not replace medical doctors and hospitals, chiropractors and physiotherapists, massage therapists and osteopaths etc., I am, however, an integral part of a comprehensive healthcare team.


I guide, inspire, and clarify.

In a time of information overload and overstimulation, it is easy to lose the forest for the trees while googling your symptoms. Often, less is more; going back to the foundations of health and building from there is often the most effective strategy. I help you clarify and direct your efforts and resources most efficiently.


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My Story...

While studying homeopathy in great depth as a naturopathic medical student I was able cure my mother’s fibromyalgia symptoms and my own colitis.

How I became a naturopathic doctor is much less dramatic; more a consequence of my abilities in the sciences combined with curiosity, the privilege of being raised in a middle class Canadian household, and the need to express important values and principles in my work, such as integrity, compassion, and meaning.

During my Honours Science degree at the University of Waterloo (where I achieved Dean’s Honour with Excellent Standing) I considered a career in pharmacy, then made an unsuccessful attempt to get into medical school. I was disillusioned and didn’t have much of a focus, so soon after I found myself living on a beach in New Zealand asking a lot of existential questions that I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to contemplate.

It was during my time there that I first recall hearing about homeopathy from a close friend; after conventional medicines and antibiotics had failed him, he was cured of his collapsed lung and pneumonia by a homeopath.

His compelling story led me to research more into the area of natural and traditional forms of health care, and it was then that I first encountered the word (and profession) ‘naturopathy’. A pluralistic approach, naturopathic medicine takes the best of various forms of traditional medicine and complements them with a scientific, research-based approach.

In a time of polypharmacy and widespread dissatisfaction with the conventional medical system, it is an ideal solution.

Naturopathic medicine makes so much sense and it is rooted in altruistic philosophical principles which are vital not only to the profession, but also to my need for meaning and alignment of heart and mind with my work.

Naturopathic medicine is many things.

  • It is scientific and logical.

  • It is safe and effective.

  • It stimulates personal growth and healing.

  • It works in alignment with incontrovertible Laws of Nature.

  • It is rooted in sound philosophical tenets.

  • It helps fill in the gaps in the present conventional health care system.

I am proud to be a practitioner of the naturopathic medical art. I am honoured and privileged to be able to help people grow, heal, become well, lessen pain, and together become better versions of ourselves.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom
— Viktor Frankl

Homeopathy + SORLEX + Me

The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly realizable principles.
— Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

During my time naturopathic medical studies, I was able to cure my mother's fibromyalgia and my own colitis using homeopathy. So, needless to say, I was hooked on it. I continued to study it deeply and intensely, often skipping class to read homeopathic texts in the library.

In the last couple of years at naturopathic medical school I took continuing education courses with some of the world's pre-eminent homeopaths including Dr. Rajan Sankaran MD & the 'Bombay Group', Dr. Jan Scholten MD, and extensive training with Louis Klein FSHom.

In my first year of practice as a naturopathic doctor, I wasn't very busy. The silver lining? I had a lot of time to continue to study various homeopathic methodologies as I applied it clinically .

During this period of time I ran into a lot of cases of cold sores. Whether it was a form of divine inspiration or just distraction I'm not sure, but I made the decision to design and develop a homeopathic solution for herpes labialis. My patients (and people in general) were generally very dissatisfied with the benefits Abreva and other conventional pharmaceutical approaches, so there was plenty of room for improvement.

 Combining my medical training with old (traditional) and 'new school' homeopathic analysis techniques, I found some patterns that help me design 'Cold Sore Stop' which I began applying clinically with my patients, but also with friends & family.

The results were reproducibly impressive.

I just couldn’t keep this information to myself.

I felt compelled to get Cold Sore Stop into the hands of as many cold sore sufferers as possible. Other naturopathic doctors started using it with their patients and the reproducible success of my colleagues made me realize that this medicine had serious potential.

Not only the potential to seriously disrupt the cold sore market; more importantly, it has the potential to disrupt the doubters in the biomedical science establishment who cannot conceive (or refuse to entertain the thought) that homeopathy can have the effects it does. 

Cold Sore Stop had a makeover in 2016; SORLEX was born and subsequently licensed by Health Canada. I have extremely high standards for the products I use, let alone those that I design; due to it's reproducible and reliable results, SORLEX is (the first and) only product of my company, Intelligent Medicinals Inc. 

SORLEX Natural Cold Sore Remedy |

Principles & Concepts that Guide Me

  • We are all subject to the Laws of Nature, so observing, learning, and working with them as much as possible is right

  • There is an self-healing Intelligence that governs the overall balance or set points of our physiology, and it generally works towards establishing and maintaining healthy conditions

  • our day to day choices and habits can contribute to improved resilience if the stressor is short term and recoverable, or decreased if the stressor is persistent and not adequately compensated for

  • This Intelligence performs a kind of triage when a problem arises; the body is always trying to adapt to meet psychobiological stressors which may make logical in the short term but may compromise long term health if the ‘root’ problem isn’t taken care of

  • Nature rewards adaptation and growth

  • No single practitioner can know or treat as well as a collaborative team of practitioners

  • The more the patient is involved in treatment choices, the better (the outcomes and the process)

  • Interventions of preventative medicine are applicable as treatments; although there may be increased intensity of treatment when comparing post-hoc treatment to prevention, the [preventable] processes that lead to dysfunction can also be targets for intervention

  • My NMRx framework; very simply facilitates us moving towards optimum health and resilience by honouring and acting on the following four concepts

  • Nourishment (food choices, digestion, assimilation, detoxification, elimination)

  • Movement (exercise that builds resilience, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health etc.)

  • Relaxation (e.g. sleep, mindfulness)

  • X (honouring growth, connection, and meaning as part of medicine)

  • Bad things happen to good people

  • Life is at least a mathematical improbability, if not a miracle

  • We are all going to die and the fear (and assurance) of death motivates me

  • Overall our choices should aim to support of the Intelligence that governs the mind/body/spirit

  • It is better to try and fail than to never take action (imperfect action beats perfect planning)

  • When overwhelmed it is advisable to do fewer things but do them better (a kind of minimalist mindset or just simplification)

  • It is ok to be ‘wrong’; Reassess your habits, patterns, and behaviours often so that you can reprogram and grow

  • Screening and/or indicated (for a particular patient) laboratory investigations are sometimes necessary and often extremely helpful, but I do not use them as a source of income (all are provided at cost)

  • Related to the above; nothing is free but I strive to be ‘reasonably compensated’ for my dedication to my training, constant learning, and experience in my profession while always striving for more efficient and inexpensive methods to share, teach, and motivate

  • Much of my clinical naturopathic practice may seem non-medical; much of it comes from my struggles and realizations from my experience with cancer, minor depression, anxiety, (lack of) confidence, procrastination (coupled w/ impatience), disorganization/poor planning, entitlement, among others

  • I keep asking why

  • It is good to question the status quo